Department News

Below are news items from various sources about members of Integrative Biology and their research.
Title Posted Date
UC Berkeley in "Elite Six" 03/20/2015
Slatkin Selected to Present Martin Meyerson Faculty Research Lecture 03/19/2015
Conifers' Helicoptering Seeds are the Result of a Long Evolutionary Experiment 03/17/2015
A Preview of Dodging Extinction 03/06/2015
Los Gatos: Climb Up an 850-Year-Old Redwood Tree 02/23/2015
The Food that Grows from Concrete 02/18/2015
Berkeley, the National Park Service and the Vital Role of Science in the Parks 02/12/2015
Tyrone Hayes’ Tale of Atrazine, Frogs and Syngenta 01/29/2015
Kaufer and Bentley Research on Infertility 01/14/2015
Patel Featured on KQED Science 12/18/2014
Barnosky Book About Extinction 12/01/2014
M. Wake Receives Henry S. Fitch Award 09/02/2014
Faculty Recruitment 08/21/2014
IB Grad Student in the News 08/20/2014
Phylogenetic Diversity and Endemism Revealed 07/21/2014
Slatkin Elected to National Academy of Sciences 04/29/2014
The Graduates Radio Show 04/25/2014
IB Grad Student Research on the Cover 04/11/2014
Kaufer Profile for Bakar Fellows 03/07/2014
New Book by Dudley on Alcohol 02/28/2014
Patel Lab Research Featured at Lawrence Hall of Science 02/19/2014
Kaufer Research on Stress 02/18/2014
Profile of IB157 02/03/2014
Eel River CZO Receives NSF Funding 01/15/2014
Nielson Y Chromosome Research in Spotlight 01/13/2014
Barnosky warns of climate change "tipping points" 12/06/2013
Faculty Recruitment 09/16/2013
Ackerly on KQED Radio 09/13/2013
Baldwin Receives Asa Gray Award 08/21/2013
White Featured on NPR's Science Friday 08/13/2013