Study Abroad Pre-Approved Courses for IB Major

IB majors may apply up to TWO upper-division courses from outside the IB department toward major requirements. Education Abroad Programs count as courses outside the major department, as do UC Berkeley courses from other departments. As an example, students may apply two of the following three to IB requirements: MCB 102, Biol 106 & Biol 160 from University of Queensland. The courses listed below have been pre-approved by the IB faculty and do not require further approval.

For consideration of other EAP courses, bring a course syllabus to the IB Undergraduate Student Services Office AFTER returning from the program, and then seek approval from a faculty advisor. Please keep in mind that academic advisors are happy to look over potential courses and evaluate whether they would be potentially appropriate for the IB major. We try our best to work with students who want to study abroad in a country outside of our pre-approved list, so come in and chat! 

Students are responsible for determining that the have the adequate prerequisites and background when enrolling in a course abroad. These courses must be LETTER Graded if used for the IB major.

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Semester Programs

Australian National University (Australia) - program inactive

  • Biol 130, Animal Physiology, 4 units (Group C)
  • Biol 134, Ecology, 4 units (Group B)
  • Env Sci 117, Revegetation & Land Restoration, 4 units (Group B)

Marine Biology and Terrestrial Ecology Program, University of Queensland (Australia)

  • Biol 106, Human and Terrestrial Ecology, 5.3 units (Group B and Field Lab)
  • Biol 160, Marine Biology, 8.7 units (Group B and Field Lab)

University of Bordeaux (France)

  • Bio C 100, Molecular and Functional Genetics, 4.3 units (Group A)
  • Biol 106, Animal Physiology, 4 units (Group C)
  • Biol 111, Cellular Biology and Development, 5.7 units (Group C and Lab)
  • ENV S 109, Ecology and Planning, 4 units (Group B)

University of Cape Town (South Africa)

  • Biol 102, Principles of Evolution, 4 units (Group A)
  • Biol 108, Macro Evolution, 8 units (Group A)
  • Biol 111, Applied Physiology, 8 units (Group C and Lab)
  • Biol 115, Global Change Ecology, 8 units (Group B)
  • ENV S 139, Ecosystem Ecology, 8 units (Group B and Lab)

Tropical Biology and Conservation, Monteverde University (Costa Rica)

  • Biol 101, Tropical Diversity, 2.7 units (Group B)
  • Biol 102, Tropical Community Ecology, 2.7 units (Group B and Field Lab)
  • Biol 188, Tropical Research Practicum,2.7 units (Group B with Field Lab)

University Of Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • Biol 125, Microbial Biology, 4 units (Lab Requirement)
  • Biol 131, Archea Biology, 4 units (Elective)

University of Bologna (Italy)

  • Biol 177, Anthropological Genetics, 3 units (Group A)

Lund University (Sweden)

  • Biol 145,Molecular Genetics, 8 units (Group A)
  • Biol 150, Advanced Ecology, 8 units (Group B and Field Lab)

Natural Reserve System (United States)

  • Biol 188 and 189, California Ecology and Conservation, 15 units (Group B and Field Lab)


Summer Programs

National University of Singapore

  • BioSci 180 S, Field Studies in Biodiversity, 5.3 units (Group B and Field Lab)

Cambridge University, Pembroke/King's College (United Kingdom)

  • Biol Scis 100S, Behavioural Ecology, 3 units (Group B)
  • Biol Scis 105S, Issues in Neuroscience, 3 units (Elective)
  • Biol Scis 115S, Principles of Cell Signaling, 3 units (Elective)

Natural Reserve System (United States)

  • Biol 188, California Ecology and Conservation, 12.7 units (Group B and Field Lab)


Summer Physics Programs

UCEAP summer physics programs are no longer approved as equivalent to UC Berkeley Physics 8A and 8B. Credit for the major will be honored for students who completed these programs in 2020 or before.

  • Science & Engineering, University of Glasgow (United Kingdom - Scotland)
  • Science & Engineering, University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • Summer Physics, University of Cork (Ireland)
  • Summer Physics, University of Sydney (Australia)
  • Summer Physics, University of Nicosia (Cyprus)
  • International Summer School, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Hong Kong). Physics 49 is required at UCB to complete equivalency from HKUST.

The following programs are not approved for Physics 8A/8B in Summer 2020, but were approved in prior years if offered.

  • Physics, Carlos III University (Spain)
  • University of Sussex (United Kingdom-England)
  • Summer Physics, University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom-Scotland)