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In the Department of Integrative Biology, we explore the diversity of life to explain our origins, improve our quality of life, and conserve our natural ecosystems. Researchers in IB work worldwide in the field, in our world-class museums, and in pioneering laboratories, to drive breakthroughs in the natural sciences. We address complex issues by integrating across levels of biological organization, from molecules to ecosystems; across the tree of life and biomes of Earth; and from deep geological time to the present day.



The Department of Integrative Biology has two annual giving funds:


The Friends of Integrative Biology

Your gift helps innovate the teaching and lab facilities where faculty and students study organismal and evolutionary biology, while enabling them to get into nature to conduct illuminating research on these organisms in the wild. 


Please give to enable our community to thrive.



The Integrative Biology Graduate Student Support Fund

Your gift to this fund will provide much needed support to our department’s graduate students, allowing us to attract the brightest and most promising talent to Berkeley.

The Integrative Biology Graduate Student Support Fund administers vital, unrestricted relief to our graduate students at the discretion of the department chair. Your gift to this fund will be used to support student travel, research equipment, fellowships, and stipends. Our graduate program is recognized as one of the best in the country, and support of our students allows us to maintain that tradition of excellence.


Please to enable our community to thrive.