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Course #TitleSyllabusDivUnitsSemesterFrequencyReq GroupLab/Field
General Biology  PDFLD4Fa, Sp, SuAnnualNoneNone
Natural History of the Vertebrates with Laboratory  PDFUD5SpAnnualBField Lab
Marine Biology  PDFUD4SuAnnualBNone
California Natural History  PDFLD3FaAnnualNoneNone
Introductory Programming for Biologists  PDFUD3SpAnnualElective OnlyNone
Horticultural Methods in the Botanical Garden  PDFUD1Fa, SpAnnualNoneNone
Paleobiological Perspectives on Ecology and Evolution *  PDFUD4SpAnnualBLab
Infectious Disease Dynamics  PDFUD4Fa, SuAnnualB or CNone
Organismal Microbiomes and Host-Pathogen Interactions  PDFUD4FaOddB or CNone
Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Biology  PDFUD4SpAnnualElective OnlyNone
Exercise and Environmental Physiology with Laboratory *  PDFUD5FaAnnual CLab
Sports Medicine  PDFUD3SuAnnual CNone
General Human Anatomy  PDFUD3Fa, SuAnnual CNone
General Human Anatomy Laboratory  PDFUD3Fa, SuAnnual NoneLab
Human Physiology  PDFUD4SpAnnual CNone
Human Physiology Laboratory  PDFUD2SpAnnual NoneLab
Practical Genomics  PDFUD4FaAnnualALab
The Mechanics of Organisms  PDFUD4SpEvenCNone
The Biology of Sex UD4FaOddA or CNone
Human Endocrinology *  PDFUD4FaAnnual CNone
Comparative Endocrinology  PDFUD4SpAnnual CNone
The Neurobiology of Stress *  PDFUD4FaAnnual CNone
Biology of Human Reproduction  PDFUD4Sp, SuAnnual CNone
Human Genetics  PDFUD3Su Annual ANone
Brain. Behavior. and Environment: a research approach  PDFUD5FaOddB or CLab
Behavioral Ecology with Laboratory *  PDFUD5SpOddBField Lab
Comparative Animal Physiology  PDFUD3FaEvenCNone
Evolutionary Environmental Physiology  PDFUD3SpEvenCNone
Plant Physiological Ecology  PDFUD4SpEvenB or CNone
Plant Physiological Ecology Laboratory  PDFUD2SpEvenNoneLab
Ecosystems of California  PDFUD4FaAnnualBField Lab
Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands  PDFUD15FaAnnualBField Lab
The Living Planet: Impact of the Biosphere on the Earth System  PDFUD3SpAnnualBNone
Population and Evolutionary Genetics  PDFUD4SpOddANone
Human Genetics and Genomics  PDFUD4FaAnnualANone
Evolutionary Medicine  PDFUD4Sp, SuAnnualANone
Coevolution: From Genes to Ecosystems  PDFUD4SpEvenANone
Mammalogy with Laboratory  PDFUD5FaEvenBField Lab
Ornithology with Laboratory  PDFUD4SpOddBField Lab
Herpetology with Laboratory  PDFUD4SpEvenBField Lab
Ichthyology: An Introduction to the Scientific Process Through Research on Fishes *  PDFUD4FaAnnualBField Lab
Plant-Animal Interactions  PDFUD3FaEvenBNone
Paleobotany - The 500-Million Year History of a Greening Planet  PDFUD4SpEvenBLab
Morphology of the Vertebrate Skeleton with Laboratory  PDFUD4FaOddCLab
Directed Undergraduate Research UD3Fa, Sp, SuAnnualElective OnlyNone
Applied Pedagogy in Integrative Biology  PDFUD2-3Fa, Sp, SuAnnualNoneNone
Practical Pedagogy: Becoming an Effective Instructor in Biology  PDFUD1Fa, SpAnnualElective OnlyNone
Berkeley Connect UD1Fa, SpAnnualNoneNone
Supervised Independent Study and Research UD1-4Fa, Sp, SuAnnualNoneNone
Statistical Phylogenetics GD3FaEvenElective Only
Seminar in Physiological Energetics and Biomechanics GD2
Seminar on Bioenergetics and Metabolism GD2FaEven
Marine Ecosystems and Global Change  PDFGD1SpEven
Seminar in Biomechanics  PDFGD2
Seminar on Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles GD1
Comparative Physiology and Endocrinology Seminar GD1SpAnnual
Seminar in Ecology GD2
Ecological Research Reviews GD1NoneNone
Seminar in Evolutionary Biology of the Vertebrates GD1
Advanced Studies in Hominid Paleobiology GD2
Seminar in Vertebrate Evolution and Paleontology GD1
Seminars in Paleontology GD2
Thriving in Academia GD2
The Ecology and Evolution of Animal Behavior  PDFLD3SuTBDNoneNone
Life During the Age of Dinosaurs  PDFLD3SpOddNoneNone
Human Biological Variation  PDFLD4SpAnnualNoneNone
Teaching Colloquium: Graduate Student Instructor Training  PDFGD2FaAnnual
Training in Stable Isotope Methods and Mass Spectrometry  PDFGD1FaAnnual
Marine Mammals  PDFLD2Fa, SuOddNoneNone
What Lives Inside Us? Microbiomes and Symbiosis *  PDFLD4FaEven
Origins and Evolution of Food Plants  PDFLD3SuAnnual
Berkeley Changemaker: BioDiscovery. Community. and Culture  PDFLD3SpNoneNone
Integrative Human Biology  PDFLD1Fa AnnualNoneNone
Integrative Human Biology  PDFLD1SpAnnualNoneNone
Introduction to Field Research in Global Change Biology  PDFLD3NoneNone
Berkeley Connect LD1Fa, SpAnnualNoneNone
Supervised Independent Study and Research LD1-3Fa, Sp, SuAnnualNoneNone
Natural History Museums and Biodiversity Science  PDFUD3FaAnnualElective OnlyNone
Biology of Fungi with Laboratory  PDFUD4FaAnnualBLab
Biological Clocks: Physiology and Behavior  PDFUD3FaOddCNone
Hormones and Behavior  PDFUD3SpAnnual CNone
Animal Behavior  PDFUD4FaAnnual BNone
Animal Communication   PDFUD3SpBNone
Neuroethology: Complex Animal Behaviors and Brains  PDFUD4SpAnnualBNone
Ecology  PDFUD3SpAnnualBNone
Principles of Conservation Biology  PDFUD4Fa, SuAnnualBNone
Evolution  PDFUD4FaAnnualANone
Post-Apocalyptic Botany *  PDFUD4SpOddElective OnlyNone
Biogeography  PDFUD4FaAnnualElective OnlyNone
Freshwater Ecology  PDFUD3SpAnnualBNone
Fish Ecology *  PDFUD3SpAnnualBLab
Principles of Phylogenetics  PDFGD4SpEvenElective Only
Introduction to Quantitative Methods In Biology  PDFGD4Sp
Research Reviews in Animal Behavior: Behavior Review GD1
Isotopics GD2FaAnnual
Stable Isotope Ecology  PDFGD5SpOddElective Only
CTEG Evolution. Genetics. and Genomics Seminar GD1Fa/Sp
Studying the Biological Sciences  PDFLD1FaAnnualNoneNone
Thesis Course UD3Fa, Sp, SuAnnualElective OnlyNone
Thesis Course UD3Fa, Sp, SuAnnualElective OnlyNone
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