There are numerous volunteer and tutoring opportunities both and Cal and throughout the East Bay. Some programs of note are listed below.

Health-Related Volunteer Positions:

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:

Other programs and departments across campus:

Teaching and Tutoring:

  • Tutor for credit in local schools
  • Tutoring for IB courses: The department seldom hires undergraduate tutors for IB courses, but interested students should contact Katie Carson (Assistant Director of Student Services) to inquire on opportunities and timelines. 
  • IB is offering two new courses intended to provide undergraduates with teaching experience in biology. One of these (IB 193) focuses on relevant pedagogy, including working with students with different learning styles and creating more inclusive classrooms. The other (IB 192) is intended to be a practicum that allows undergraduates to put ideas learned in 193 into practice in upper division lab courses that they have already completed.
    View IB 192 and IB 193 Flyer for More Information

Participate in a De-Cal Course