Tim D. White

Tim D. White

Distinguished Professor in Life and Physical Sciences and Professor Emeritus

Email: timwhite@berkeley.edu
Phone: (510) 642-2889

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Research Description

My research into multiple dimensions of human evolution emphasizes field and laboratory studies designed to acquire new data on the skeletal biology, environmental context, and behavior of hominids spanning the Neogene.

Research underway includes fieldwork in Ethiopia and Turkey, and laboratory studies in both countries and in Berkeley. Former and current graduate students and postdoctoral scholars have done fieldwork and/or laboratory studies in China, France, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Jordan, Turkey, and Ethiopia. White directs the Laboratory for Human Evolutionary Studies, an international center for multidisciplinary research and training. 

Selected Publications

2015         White, T.D., Lovejoy, C.O., Asfaw, B., Carlson, J.P. and Suwa, G.  Neither chimpanzee nor human, Ardipithecus reveals the surprising ancestry of both.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 112:16:4877-4884.

2013         White, T.D.  Paleoanthropology:  Five’s a crowd in our family tree.  Current Biology 23:3:R112-R115.

2012         White, T.D., Black, M.T. and Folkens, P.A.  Human Osteology.  Third Edition.  Elsevier Academic Press.  San Diego.  662p.

2010         White, T.D.  Human evolution:  How has Darwin done?  In M.A. Bell, D.J. Futuyma, W.F. Eanes, and J.S. Levinton (Eds.)  Evolution Since Darwin: The First 150 Years.  Sinauer, Sunderland, MA.  pp. 519-560.

2009         White, T. D., Asfaw, B., Beyene, Y., Haile-Selassie, Y., Lovejoy, C. O., Suwa, G., and WoldeGabriel.  Ardipithecus ramidus and the paleobiology of early hominids. Science, 326(5949), 75-86.

2009         White, T.D.  Ladders, bushes, punctuations, and clades:  Hominid paleobiology in the late Twentieth Century.  In:  D. Sepkoski and M. Ruse (Eds.)  The Paleobiological Revolution:  Essays on the Growth of Modern Paleontology.  Chicago:  University of Chicago Press.  pp. 122-148.

2009         Haile-Selassie, Y., Suwa, G., and White, T.D. Chapter 7, Hominidae.  In:  Y. Haile-Selassie and G. WoldeGabriel (Eds.), Ardipithecus kadabba:  Late Miocene Evidence from the Middle Awash, Ethiopia.  Berkeley:  University of California Press.  pp. 159-236.