Thomas M. Powell

Thomas M. Powell

Professor Emeritus

Phone: (510) 642-7455

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Research Description

I have worked for more than twenty-five years on physical and biological processes in lakes, estuaries, and the ocean. All have been directed toward the question: How do physical processes, like mixing and turbulence, currents and circulation, or mass and energy transfer at the surface, affect the biological processes in planktonic ecosystems? Most of my investigations addressed this question directly with field measurements. In addition, with approaches that do not involve data collection directly, I am also studying (or have recently studied): the impact of climate, the utilization of remote sensing, and the construction of mathematical and numerical models.

Computer models of zooplankton in the California Current System, including the larval stages of fish and benthic invertebrates, are a present focus of studies in my laboratory.

Selected Publications

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