Rasmus Nielsen

Rasmus Nielsen

Trevor J. McMinn Endowed Professor and Professor

Email: rasmus_nielsen@berkeley.edu
Phone: (510) 643-4993
Lab Webpage: https://nielsen-lab.github.io/

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Research Description

Rasmus Nielsen’s research focuses on statistical and computational aspects of evolutionary theory and genetics.  One of the central problems he has been interested in is the molecular basis of evolutionary adaptation.  What happens at the molecular levels as one species is transformed into another over evolutionary time? To address this question he has developed a number of computational methods and applied them to large scale genomic data, such as genomic comparisons of humans and chimpanzees.  Rasmus Nielsen has also worked on statistical methods in other aspects of population genetics, medical genetics, phylogenetics, molecular ecology, and molecular evolution.  He has been teaching courses in Population Genetics, Human Genetics, Statistical Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Evolution. His students work on both applied and theoretical problems in population genetics, statistical genetics and evolution.

For more information see: https://nielsen-lab.github.io

Selected Publications

Yi et al. 2010.Sequencing of 50 Human Exomes Reveals Adaptation to High Altitude. Science 329: 75-78.

Green et al. 2010. A Draft Sequence of the Neandertal Genome. Science 328: 710-722.

Li et al. 2010. The sequence and de novo assembly of the giant panda genome. Nature. 463: 1106-1111.

Rasmussen et al. 2010. Ancient human genome sequence of an extinct Palaeo-Eskimo. Nature. 463:757-62.

Pool et al. 2010. Population genetic inference from genomic sequence variation. Genome Research. 20:291-300.

Li et al. 2010. Resequencing of 200 human exomes identifies an excess of low-frequency non-synonymous coding variants. Nature Genetics 42: 969-972