Paul Licht

Professor Emeritus

Phone: (510) 643-8999

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Research Description

Currently Director of the UC Botanical Garden 

Selected Publications

Licht, P. 1994. Thyroxine-binding protein represents the major vitamin D binding protein in the plasma of the turtle, Trachemys scripta. Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 93:82-92.

Licht, P. 1994. The relation of the dual thyroxine/vitamin D-binding protein (TBP/DBP) of emydid turtles to vitamin D-binding proteins of other vertebrates. Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 94:215-24.

Yalcinkaya, T. M., P. K. Siiteri, J. L. Vigne, P. Licht, S. Pavgi, and S. E. Glickman. 1993. A mechanism for virilization of female spotted hyenas in utero. Science 260:1929-31.

Glickman, S. E., L. Frank, K. Holekamp, L. Smale, and P. Licht. 1993. Costs and benefits of "androgenization" in the female spotted hyena: The natural selection of physiological mechanisms. In Perspectives in Ethology, Vol. 10: Behavior and Evolution, ed. P. P. G. Bateson, P. H. Klopfer, and N. S. Thompson, 87-115. New York: Plenum Press.