Advisor Profile - Anna McPherson

Anna McPherson

Biosciences Undergraduate Academic Advisor (IB, MCB, Neuro)

Hometown: Seattle WA 

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at Willamette University with a Major in Civic Media and Communications and a Minor in Sociology

What I did/experienced before Cal? Before joining Cal, I was the coordinator at the Bearcat Pantry, an on-campus student resource center that offers equitable access to food, professional clothes, commencement regalia, and scholarly resources, especially books, for university students. Additionally, I worked as the Operation Manager at Willamette Academy, a college access program that partners with the university.  In this position, I created and managed workshops for students engaging in topics related to college, academics, creativity, career, personal development, and community. I have loved working in support of students and am excited to continue that here at Berkeley. 

What do you love about Cal and working in the UAO? I am just starting here, and my experience has been welcoming and very motivating. I have been welcomed by the lovely team here in MCB/IB, and I look forward to getting to know the students and the campus community more.

I look forward to meeting in-person/virtually and working with you all as a team. 

Working in a student support role is special to me and I look forward to continuing to help you all achieve your goals.

Interests: Anything creative(sewing, knitting, felting), reading, cooking/baking/eating, biking/ walking/hiking/backpacking.

Life Motto: Be curious and excited to learn from any environment you find yourself in 

Advisor Tip: Figure out how ‘you’ prioritize, set, and achieve your goals; and how you do it in a way that makes sense for you. Make sure to learn how to be proactive - it will be a skill you will use for the rest of your life. Also, don't hesitate to ask for help!