IB Graduate Student Receives Award for Video Poster

Dwight Springthrope, an Integrative Biology Graduate Student and a CiBER-IGERT Trainee, received the Judge's Award for this year's Best IGERT Video Poster! http://www.posterhall.org/igert2013/posters/423
Dwight's research used X-ray videography to discover how crabs dig deep burrows into sand. His hope is to translate these principles into search-and-rescue robots that can quickly find survivors in rumble.
Dwight will travel to the National Science Foundation Headquarters, in Arlington, Virginia, on June 11, 2013 to be recognized in an all-day awards ceremony, video and poster session, and series of discussions about career opportunities for IGERT graduates.
This year’s competition included 119 IGERT programs and 249 Ph.D. students nationally.
This is only the second year of the competition and a Berkeley CiBER-IGERT Trainee has received the Judge's Award both years.
Last year Evan Chang-Sui from the Department of Mechanical Engineering received the award.