Fall 2020 Insight Newsletter

Insight Fall 2020

Note from the Chair

We applaud the combined responses of our students, staff, and faculty during these unbelievably challenging times and celebrate our amazing portfolio of research, education, and scientific progress for the common good.  


New Faculty Profiles


Meet our newest IB faculty: Ecologist Onja Razafindratsima and Neuroscientist Annaliese Beery! 



Graduate Student Profile - Kwasi Wrensford


Kwasi Wrensford, fourth-year PhD candidate and animal behaviorist, shares his passion for research and social justice. 



Celebrate the achievements of IB faculty, postdocs and students who recently received prestigious awards and grants. As well, we remember Stephen Glickman, a pioneer in behavioral endocrinology.

Alumni Profile - Maria Elena Zavala


An IB alumna shares her journey of being the first Chicana to graduate from UC Berkeley’s Botany Department and her legacy to bring along other underrepresented STEM students. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts


The IB Department is dedicated to working with its students to have more honest conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion and Is committed to fight systemic racism in all forms. 

Remote Field Instruction


The Department of Integrative Biology combines technology with graduate student ingenuity to takes remote learning outside and develop rich content for field courses.



Alex Ehrenberg, a second-year PhD candidate in IB, pivots his research to help fight the coronavirus. 

IB Alumni Where Are They Now?


Connect with former classmates and learn about the inspiring work our alumni are doing in research, education, government, industry and much more. 
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WRITING: Kirsten Mickelwait


MASTHEAD PHOTO: Lodgepole Chipmunk (Tamias speciosus) near Lundy Lake, California. Photo credit Ketki Samel.

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