IB Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Integrative Biology Community Agreement

Please see our department's community agreement (link). We in the Department of Integrative Biology are committed to fostering a welcoming environment and providing equitable opportunities for all members of our community. We seek to elevate the voices of people historically excluded from science and to build a community of scientists that encompasses diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, socioeconomic status, nationality and cultural practices.

We recognize this statement cannot fully acknowledge all the ways in which a person’s identity intersects with their education and scholarship, but we encourage you to participate in our community and to provide feedback on how we can create a more welcoming and supportive environment.


IB Faculty Equity Advisors
IB Diversity Committee
DEI Newsletter
Reporting Incidents of Intolerance or Harassment
Resources for Undergraduates in Integrative Biology
Resources for Prospective and Current Graduate Students
Resources for UC Berkeley Staff
Resources for UC Berkeley Faculty
Additional Resources


IB Faculty Equity Advisors


Noah Whiteman (whiteman@berkeley.edu)
Caroline Williams (cmw@berkeley.edu)

The Equity Advisors act as liaisons between IB and the campus and interpret and work to implement policies that relate to equity and inclusion. The Equity Advisors have important roles in faculty searches, advancement and retention, graduate student admission, fellowship nominations, and departmental climate for equity and inclusion.

All undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty and staff who have a question or want to discuss any issue related to Departmental equity and inclusion are encouraged to contact IB’s equity advisors.

For more information visit:


IB Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

The IB DEI Committee meets several times each semester. The three main tasks of this committee are to (1) promote recruitment of underrepresented graduate student applicants, (2) administer IB’s nominations for the Berkeley Fellowship and Chancellor’s Fellowship. These fellowships are granted to outstanding incoming applicants from historically underrepresented groups in STEM; and (3) produce the strategic plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Academic Program Review and ensure its implementation within the Department. (4) The committee also addresses any equity issues brought forward on an ad-hoc basis.

Faculty representatives:
Noah Whiteman, co-Chair (whiteman@berkeley.edu)
José Pablo Vázquez-Medina, co-Chair (jpv-m@berkeley.edu)
Caroline Williams (cmw@berkeley.edu)
Juan Liu (liujuan@berkeley.edu)
tyrone hayes, ex-officio (tyrone@berkeley.edu

Graduate Student representatives:
Each fall semester, the DEI committee announces a call for new graduate student volunteers to join the DEI committee. Graduate students play an important role on this committee. Their duties include:

  • Participating in regular committee meetings
  • Reviewing incoming IB graduate students for Chancellor’s Fellowship nominations
  • Planning/attending/fundraising for events that:
    • Pertain to diversity, equity, and inclusion issues on campus and in IB
    • Improve departmental climate (specifically initiatives that were in the faculty’s response to the graduate student letter regarding anti-racism)
    • Recruit underrepresented students to IB


DEI Newsletter

DEI Newsletter provides in-depth reporting on DEI matters, seeking to bring you stories that voice the fullest breadth of experiences and perspectives in the biological sciences at UC Berkeley.


Reporting Incidents of Intolerance or Harassment

Our community endeavors to be a place where everyone feels safe and included. Still, there are times when we find ourselves in need to report something we have observed or experienced. If you have experienced or observed an act of intolerance at UC Berkeley we encourage you to file a report.

You may file a report anonymously or by name on the UC Systemwide Intolerance Reporting Form. You may also choose to file a report with UCPD in 1 Sproul Hall, 510-642-6760 (non emergency) if you experience or observe a Hate Crime.  

UC Berkeley maintains the stophate.berkeley.edu website where you will find information about:

  1. What is a hate crime?
  2. What do I do if I become a target of, or witness, a hate crime or hate-motivated act?
  3. Will the University take action?
  4. On Campus Resources for Education, Advocacy, and Support
  5. Additional Reporting, Support, and Other Information

The university has a variety of resources to assist you in helping to create and maintain a civil and inclusive campus community.  Some of the other resources for education include:

ASUC Student Advocate Office (SAO)
Student Legal Services
Additional reporting, support services, and other information


Resources for Undergraduates in Integrative Biology


The Biology Scholars Program

The Biology Scholars Program (BSP) is a mentoring program that was established in 1992, and supports undergraduates with study groups, advising, paid internships, opportunities for networking and service and a critical sense of community to undergraduates. Over the past 24 years, of the more than 2500 BSP graduates, 60% have been underrepresented minorities, 70% women, and 80% from low-income backgrounds and/or the first in their family to attend college. BSP has made a major impact on the success of underrepresented students studying biology and medical-related sciences. BSP is located in the Valley Life Sciences Building (2075 VLSB) (BSP website).


Centers for Education Justice & Community Engagement

Berkeley Students - Centering our work around students

The Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement (EJCE) at UC Berkeley is a collaborative of offices and centers that advocate for, build capacity with and dialogue among and across diverse communities. Their community engagement approach enriches the academic success of students while fostering a campus climate that honors the dignity of all people. (link)


For inspiration, check out some IB undergraduate alumni spotlights:

  • Raul Diaz, Integrative Biology BA Class of 2004 (link)
  • Holvis Delgadillo, Integrative Biology BA Class of 2008 (link)
  • Nassima Bouzid, Integrative Biology BA Class of 2013 (link)


Resources for Prospective and Current Graduate Students

Check out this detailed booklet developed by the Office of Graduate Diversity at UC Berkeley where you can find all kinds of information for prospective and current graduate students. (link)


IB SURE Program

Summer undergraduate research experience (SURE) pilot program supported by a grant from the Graduate Division. This pilot program is part of an ongoing initiative to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in IB and aims to greatly broaden participation by students of historically excluded identities in organismal biology. We will strive to recruit a mix of master’s, post-baccalaureate, and advanced undergraduate students of historically excluded identities who have an interest in applying to graduate school. Through IB's SURE students will have the opportunity to work on a project with a mentor that has a strong emphasis on field work. The program will begin with a retreat at UC's Hastings Natural History Reservation and will conclude with an end of session symposium where students will present their work to their peers and the IB community. In addition, there will be many opportunities for professional development and to simply get outside! Read more about the program and apply here.

"This is such an exciting initiative for IB to be leading and we have a real opportunity to positively impact Black, Latine and Indigenous scholars who may otherwise not have access to hands-on biology research. And who knows, they could even apply and join the department which would be super cool! I’m honored to be able to have such a crucial role in getting this program off the ground, and I can’t thank the team I’ve been working with enough for all of their help!"


Writing Your Personal History Statement

This link provides guidance about how to write your personal statements for Berkeley’s graduate school application:


The Chancellor's Fellowship

The Berkeley campus awards Chancellor’s Fellowships to exceptional applicants in all fields who demonstrate a commitment to advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the academy.


Words of Inspiration from some past Integrative Biology Chancellor’s Fellows:


Resources for UC Berkeley Staff

UC Berkeley employs over 8,000 non-faculty staff members. As a group, it's the most diverse population on campus (link) -- as of 2016, 58% are women, 24% are from underrepresented groups.

  • UC Berkeley Principles of Community (link)
  • Report an Incident (link)
  • Berkeley People & Culture: Race Matters (link)
  • Berkeley Staff Diversity Initiatives (link)
  • Berkeley Staff Organizations (link)
  • UC Berkeley Othering & Belonging Institute (link)
  • 150 Years of Women at Berkeley (link)


Resources for UC Berkeley Faculty

In addition to encouraging campus members to report acts of intolerance, the Division of Equity & Inclusion has also compiled a broader list of resources for faculty on:

  1. Supporting students from underserved and marginalized groups
  2. Creating inclusive classrooms
  3. Advancing equity and inclusion throughout the campus


Please see the Faculty Diversity Initiatives webpage. (link)


Additional Resources


DEI Diversity Outreach & Resources links:

Plant and Microbial Biology Department Outreach (link)

Plant and Microbial Biology Department Diversity Resources (link)


Campus Groups, Programs and Support Offices for students/scholars of color, DEI:

Integrative Biology Women in Science group (link)

Biology Scholars Program (link)

Resources from the Graduate Assembly (link)


Graduate Minority Student Project:

email, Website link, Facebook group


Graduate Student Parent Advocacy Project:

email, Website link, Facebook group


Graduate Student Wellness:

Website link


Queer and Trans* Advocacy Project

email, Website


Women of Color Initiative:

email, Facebook group

Organizes the Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference (EWOCC) taking place every Spring Semester: Website