Declaring IB as a Major

The IB major isn't accepting new declarations until the start of the spring semester. Please return then to complete your declaration application. 

The College of Letters & Science expects that all students declare by the time they earn or have in progress 90 units. Students who remain undeclared will have a registration block against enrollment in the next semester.

Declaration Requirements (effective fall 2017)

In order to declare IB as a major, students must have completed:

  • The calculus series: For students who enter Cal as freshmen in fall 2012, this means either Math 1A/1B or Math 10A/10B.
  • Chem 1A & 1AL - General Chemistry
  • Chem 3A - Organic Chemistry
  • Either Biology 1A & 1AL or Biology 1B
  • At the time of declaration, you must be enrolled in or have completed:
    • Either Chem 3B or the second biology course, and have scored an average or better on the course midterm exam
    • Either IB 77A or IB 77B (only one of the two is required to graduate)

The GPA for all major courses and for upper-division courses in the major must each be at least 2.0.

Transfer Stu​dents

It is recommended that lower division courses be completed before arriving at Berkeley. This is recommended for the following reasons:

  • The College of Letters & Science sets a limit to the number of semesters or units you may accrue after transferring.
  • You are required to declare a major by the time you have completed 90 units (including those in progress). This means that junior transfers, by definition, must declare during their second semester. 

Transfers should also:

  • have completed one semester at Cal with an average of 2.0 in all courses taken for the IB major, and
  • have completed the declaration requirements listed above.


Steps for Declaring

  1. Create a plan:
  2. Check that you've completed all declaration requirements, see above. This includes being currently enrolled in or having completed IB 77A or 77B. Click here to begin the declaration process. After submission, wait for an email confirmation before making a declaration appointment on CalCentral. We recommend you complete this during weeks 1-8 of fall or spring.
  3. Discuss your past coursework and future academic plan with a staff advisor in the USSO.
  4. Meet with your faculty advisor, review the completed paperwork, obtain advice and signature
  5. Return the signed form to the Intake Advisor in 3060 VLSB. The major will be declared in CalCentral after approximately one week.


Registration Holds

What is a Registration Hold?

An Advising Hold is placed on all students prior to phase 1 enrollment, preventing students from registering until the hold is removed. These holds appear on Cal Central. Other holds placed by Financial Aid or the Registrar may also affect enrollment.  

  • Registration Holds are placed on all students who are declared or will have reached 75 units (including all coursework in progress, but not including AP units) by the beginning of the next term.
  • Registration Holds provide a chance for students to connect with an advisor in their major (or intended major) each semester to make sure students are on track towards graduation.
  • Students must have their holds lifted to register for classes. This process happens every semester. 

Where and when do I get my Registration Hold lifted?

Check the emails we send to you in mid-September for spring enrollment or early March for fall enrollment, so that you can come in for early advising and avoid the rush before enrollment begins.