Graduate Student Instructor


  • Appointments are usually made for one semester at a time, normally a 50% time appointment in fall and spring.
  • GSIs work 20 hours per week on average.
  • Appointments are assigned by the Head Graduate Advisor of the department, based upon sufficient academic progress and teaching evaluations from previous semesters.
  • Limited positions are available for summer, administered through Summer Sessions.

Pay Periods
Each semester has five paychecks. If appointed in both semesters GSIs receive 10 paychecks, once a month, from September 1 through June 1.

Fee Remission
In addition to salary, GSIs are credited a remission on most of their resident fees for that semester.

The absolute limit on teaching is twelve semesters as a Graduate Student Instructor. After the twelfth semester, a student can no longer be hired in that capacity.

Teaching Evaluations
At the end of each semester the department provides each GSI with teaching evaluation forms to be completed by their students and returned to the department. In addition, GSIs are evaluated by the faculty in charge of the course.

The evaluations give GSIs and faculty feedback on issues such as knowledge and preparation of subject matter, presentation, fairness and impartiality in dealing with students, etc. They become part of the student's record and may be used to determine future GSI appointments as well as an assessment tool for subsequent letters of recommendation.