Volunteer, Teaching & Tutoring Opportunities

There are numerous volunteer and tutoring opportunities both and Cal and throughout the East Bay. Some programs of note are listed below.

Health-Related Volunteer Positions:

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:

Other programs and departments across campus:

Teaching and Tutoring:

Undergraduate Student Instructor (UGSI)


UGSI Applications for IB 131L - Human Anatomy Lab and IB 132L - Mammalian Physiology are open. Currently, IB 131L is seeking to fill positions for Spring 2017 and Summer 2017; IB 132L is seeking only for Spring 2017.


Any student who have taken the lab and earned a B+ or higher is eligible to apply for the respective course. Students can either volunteer or earn 2 units of credit.


If you are interested, please submit:


1) An application via this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/iCfAfU1Y9wTZkRpe2
2) A brief recommendation letter from your previous IB 131L/IB 132L GSI. Your GSI can send the letter to emeritadc@berkeley.edu.


Applications for Spring 2017 are due December 11th.
Applications for Summer 2017 are due May 5th.


Tutor for credit in local schools


Check the bulletin board on the first floor of Tolman Hall outside the School of Education Student Services Office for listings.

Participate in a De-Cal Course

"The DeCal program (or just DeCal) is an aggregate of student-run courses at the University of California, Berkeley -- here, students create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of subjects, may of which are not addressed in the traditional curriculum." -- DeCal Board

  • Teach a De-Cal Course
  • Take a De-Cal Course
    • Diamond’s Anatomy Enrichment Program” : Be part of a team of students and create/modify a lesson plan to teach local elementary school children the wonders of the human body and how to take care of it. You will be able to demonstrate and strengthen your knowledge as well as develop your teaching abilities in the children's very own elementary classrooms. (An IB-198 course, Spring semester, 2 units.)
    • Communicating Science to a Diverse Audience” : Showcase the Integrative Biology Department's research, courses, and programs and learn how to communicate complex scientific topics to a diverse audience ranging from toddlers to PhDs. Excite and motivate children and adults alike with creative and invigorating short talks, displays, and activities. Let your audience know that they, too, CAN do science! The course-work culminates at UC Berkeley's largest education event of the year: Cal Day! (An IB 198 course, Spring semester, 1 unit.)