Announcements for Undergraduates

The following dates mark changes to the normal advising schedule found on the sidebar of this page.

  • May 18: office closed all day
  • May 22-24: office closed all day
  • May 29-30: office closed all day
  • May 31: no IB advising

2017 IB COMMENCEMENT: The IB Commencement Ceremony will he held on Saturday, May 20, 2017, 2-4pm at Zellerbach Auditorium. Registration, ticketing, and ceremony information is available on our Commencement and Graduation webpage.

Please take note of a few changes to this upcoming Spring 2017's and Summer 2017's course offerings.

  • IB 131L: Human Anatomy Lab will be offered in Spring 2017. If you have completed IB 131 Lecture (or an equivalent course), take advantage of this opportunity to explore the human body at a great student-instructor ratio. (IB 131 Lecture and Lab will continue to run during Fall and Summer.)
  • IB 132L: Mammalian Physiology Lab will not be offered in Summer 2017. Only the lecture portion will be offered. Please plan accordingly. 
In addition, IB 114: Infection Disease Dynamics is approved for both Group B and C.