Office of the Registrar: Fee Schedule

Financial Aid 

The Department of Integrative Biology makes every effort to ensure five years of financial support to doctoral students in good standing.  This five-year guarantee includes the years a student is supported by outside fellowships. After the five years of normative time, students in good standing remain eligible for support, but priority is given to junior students. The departmental policy is to give priority of research support to students who attempt to gain funds from other sources.

Support for student research is generally excellent, largely because of the caliber of students and the ability of their research to attract funding from outside the University as well as from internal sources.

The five years of support include:

  • University and Extramural fellowships
  • Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) positions
  • Graduate Student Research (GSR) positions

Other IB Support include:

  • Graduate Student Research Allocation Committee (GRAC) Research & Travel Funds
  • IB 299 Funds
  • ICFOG (In Candidacy Fee Offset Grants)
  • Supplemental Stipends
  • Summer Support

DS421 NRT Program

Data Sciences for the 21st Century (DS421) is an interdisciplinary training program designed to prepare graduate students to address the grand challenges at the intersection of natural, social and data sciences. Through a combination of coursework, workshops, symposia, and inter-departmental immersion, students will gain the skills necessary to translate data into evidence-based analysis of impacts and solutions in the face of rapid environmental change. A number of second year fellowships for PhD trainees are available, providing a full stipend ($32,000) plus tuition and fees.

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