Spring 2017 Undergrad Courses

*Note: this is not a final course list; courses will be added as they are finalized.

Course descriptions are available in the Berkeley Guide.
Excludes freshmen seminars, independent study 99, 199, H196A/B.



Course Title

Major Requirement

Enrollment Capacity

Bio 1B 4 Introduction to Biology
31 3 The Ecology and Evolution of Animal Behavior   44
C32 3 Bioinspired Design (Course Info)   100
104LF 5 Natural History of Vertebrates with Lab | 13 field trips during the semester, on either Friday or Saturday, depending upon the section you signed up for. Group B and Field Lab 65
113L 4 Paleobiology: Ecology & Evolution with Lab | This course will center around answering the following questions: What do the fossil and geologic records have to tell us about the nature of ecological and evolutionary processes? What do they teach us that cannot be learned from the living world alone? In answering these questions, the course will provide an introduction to the analysis of key problems in paleobiology, with an emphasis on how evolutionary and ecological processes operate on geologic timescales. Group B and Lab 66
114 4 Infectious Disease Dynamics Group B and C 100
C129L 3 Physiology Assessment (also PHYS ED C129) Group C and Lab 16
132 4 Physiology Group C 408
132L 2 Physiology Laboratory | This course will fill during the first 2-3 days of Tele-BEARS and we will not be opening up additional seats. Please come into the Advising Office, 3060 VLSB, if you need to re-work your schedule. Lab Requirement 176
138 4 Comparative Endocrinology Group C 50
140  4 Human Reproduction Group C 300
C143B 3 Hormones and Behavior (also PSYCH C116) Group C 142
146LF 5 Behavioral Ecology Group B and Field Lab 33
150 3 Evolutionary Environmental Physiology Group C 50
161 4 Population and Evolutionary Genetics Group A 80
168L 4 Vascular Plants Group B and Lab 35
169 4 Evolutionary Medicine | Enrollment for this course is restricted to 4th year students, or students with senior status, excluding AP credit. After Phase I, we will add students from the waitlist if there are still seats remaining. Group A 210
170LF 3 Community Ecology Lab Group B and Field Lab 24
172 4 Coevolution: From Genes to Ecosystems Group A 35
174LF 4 Ornithology Group B and Field Lab 30
C176L 3 Fish Ecology Group B and Lab 50
C185L 5 Human Paleontology Group B and Lab 36