Faculty Research Interests

The following is an alphabetical list of Integrative Biology faculty members and brief descriptions of their research. Click on a faculty member's name to see a complete description of their research (if available).

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Doris Bachtrog - Associate Professor
Evolution of sex and recombination, Y degeneration, dosage compensation, sexually antagonistic variation
Bruce Baldwin - Professor
Systematics and evolution of vascular plants
Anthony D Barnosky - Professor Emeritus
Mammalian paleobiology
George E. Bentley - Associate Professor
Avian reproductive biology, neuroendocrinology and behavior
Jeffrey L. Boore - Adjunct Professor
Comparative genomics, molecular evolution, systematics, organelle genomics, high-throughput DNA sequencing
Mike Boots - Professor
Infectious disease ecology and evolution; wildlife and tropical human disease
Rauri C.K. Bowie - Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Ecology, Conservation Genetics and Ornithology
George A. Brooks - Professor
Exercise physiology and metabolism