Faculty Features and Profiles

Faculty profiles allow us a window into the integrative approach to their work by using comparative methods, computer simulation and field research. This broad approach not only allows for collabarations with other researchers, but also integrates variation at multiple levels of biological organization.

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Integrative Biology Faculty in the Field

2007 Faculty Profiles

2006 Faculty Profiles

Faculty Features

Dr. Mimi Koehl
Dr. Steven Lehman
Dr. Jim McGuire
Dr. Brent Mishler
Dr. Mary E. Power
Dr. Don Weston

Dr. Bruce Baldwin
Dr. Anthony Barnosky
Dr. George E. Bentley
Dr. George A. Brooks
Dr. Todd E. Dawson
Dr. Marian C. Diamond
Dr. Robert Dudley
Dr. Leslea J. Hlusko
Dr. Daniela Kaufer
Dr. Eileen Lacey

Bruce Baldwin
George Bentley
Roy Caldwell
Paul Fine
John P. Huelsenback
Patrick Kirch
Eileen Lacey
Jere H. Lipps
Jimmy A. McGuire
Craig C. Moritz
Rasmus Nielsen
Ellen Simms