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Integrative Biology postcard mailer snake photograph Todd Dawson in a Redwood Tree photograph of Tibetan man photograph of mandible bones by Hlusko and White Yu Zeng photograph Lupin photo Yu Zeng's photograph tarantula by Seth Kauppinen G. Smithii photograph by Roy Caldwell Polypedal Lab - robotic gecko photograph

The faculty and students of Integrative Biology are leading the way to new understandings of organismal biology.  A wide range of research efforts are under way, dealing with ecology, genetics, evolution, paleontology, biomechanics, physiology, behavior, etc.  Faculty, post-docs, grad students and many undergrads come together in various IB labs to carry out path-breaking work.

To meet the challenges of a new millennium, the department has recruited 12 new faculty in the past 5 years and has embraced new technologies and techniquest to explore the workings and evolution of living organisms.  At the same time, the department retains its commitment to the traditional focus on organisms, biological systems, and their development over time.

Integrative Biology was formed in 1989 during a reorganization of the Biological Sciences at Berkeley.  Faculty came to IB from the former Zoology, Botany, Paleontology, Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics departments, so if earned your Berkeley degree in one of these disciplines and have a passion for organismal biology, you are part of our community.

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