What Your Gift to Integrative Biology can do

Tangible benefits from gift funds to Integrative Biology can be measured. Below are examples of what Integrative Biology might do with your gifts to Integrative Biology. 
Graduate students use these items in the course of their research. Your gift would also provide improved facilities and increase opportunities for students in our undergraduate courses.

$25 Live animal trap
$50 Electronic field condition sensor
$100 Aquatic collecting net
$100 Entrance fees for students in a General Biology Laboratory section to Monterey Bay Aquarium or Academy of Sciences as part of supplemental field trip
$200 Binoculars for field research or class field trips
$400 DNA extraction kit (24 samples)
$500 Travel costs for graduate student to attend scientific meeting
$500 Quantum light sensor to measure radiation
$1000 Replacement spotting scope for Vertebrate Zoology field course
$1000 Travel costs to field sites for graduate student summer research project
$1500 DNA extraction kit (96 samples)
$2000 Replacement microscope for laboratory instruction
$2500 Digital projector for laboratory classroom
$3500 Funding for graduate student summer research project
$5000 Supplement graduate student teaching salary to department target support level