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Alumni and Friends of Integrative Biology at Berkeley play a vital role in the life of the department. We offer this section as a way to stay in touch and keep up to date with departmental activities, plans, and achievements.

Integrative Biology was formed in 1989 during a reorganization of the Biological Sciences at Berkeley. Faculty came to IB from the former Zoology, Botany, Paleontology, Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics departments, so if you earned your Berkeley degree in one of these disciplines and have a passion for organismal biology, you are part of our community.

Integrative Biology has gone digital

We've been making changes to our website, newsletter, and just recently, included social networking to communicate with you. Our hope is to make it easier for our alumni to keep up with IB news and activities. Our online newsletter will be available online going forward. You're welcome to download the last 2 print newsletters. Stay in touch and we'll contact you when the next newsletter is available online.

We've added a social networking component to our web presence. Connect with us via Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. All seminar and Integrative Biology events will be posted on IB's Calendar of Events, and via Facebook. Our new Calendar component is integrated with UC Berkeley Calendar Network so it's easier to share events, and place them on your own Calendar with the click of a button.

You are an important part of the IB community here at Berkeley and we want to hear from you. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we continue to remain a top, world-class department.

If you have research news to post, forward your information to:

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